To some, jerk sauce is just a seasoning, but to others, it is an integral part of their lives that is not taken lightly.

The perfect blend of spices and peppers must be expertly combined to bring out the flavors needed to take your chicken, pork, or even jackfruit to the next level. This is where Nick comes in. He not only believes it but lives it through his Jamaican upbringing where only the best flavors were allowed at the dinner table at which this recipe was born.

Let your taste buds go wild by relishing in each ingredient from the hot peppers to ground pimento seeds, as Nick and his family would sincerely want you to with you and yours.


How best do I store nick's jerk seasoning?

Nick’s Jerk Seasoning can be stored in a pantry. Please refrigerate after opening.

What is the shelf-life of nick's jerk seasoning?

It is common knowledge in Jamaica that Jerk was started in the mountains by the Maroons as a meat preservation and cooking technique. Given its history, the combination of spices, and testing we know that it last longer. 
We print the “production” date on all of our products and this date represents the actual date of production. Once opened and stored properly / as per instructions the seasoning easily has another 9 months to one year.

Does nick's jerk seasoning contain gluten?

No – We do NOT use any Gluten-containing cereals: Wheat, Barley, Rye, Malts and Triticale as Stabilizers or Thickening agents.

Does nick's jerk seasoning contain any allergens?

We do not use Soy in the production of our seasoning. We do NOT use or come into contact with known allergens such as Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Milk, Egg, Wheat, Fish or Shellfish in the production of our seasoning.